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With decades of experience, we are unparalleled in offering services to both self-employed professionals and commercial organizations.

By making the right connections we help ambitious companies and people to achieve meaningful growth. We bridge the gap between business needs and the required skills to foster progression and growth.

Trusted by globally recognized companies in various sectors including Medical & Healthcare.

About us
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International Recruitment Services

International Recruitment Services

We offer very cost-effective recruitment services specialising in the Medical & Healthcare sectors. Working together we offer unique and rewarding opportunities that are unmatched by the competition.

People recruited through us have the opportunity of joining our Employee Rewards Plan that provides all of the advantages that our permanent employees enjoy.

International Recruitment Services

The careers of our contractors and requirements of our clients are managed by people who are not only true recruitment experts, but have worked within their fields of expertise and are not just career salespeople.

This specialist insight means you only deal with people who understand the specifics of these industries and the application of knowledge within them.

International Consulting Services

We provide a full range of consultancy services for optimization of your business to maintain a competitive advantage, as well as growing and driving profits.

Innovative Consulting Solutions has modeled a niche business consultancy service focused on assessing your business gaps, finding solutions and delivering profitable results in the various key areas.

Our consulting professionals excel at understanding the various needs and requirements of each client. Beginning with a thorough assessment, the operational scope then extends to providing recommendations for improvement and reaching the optimization potential of your business model.

What defines our success is the fact that we partner with our clients in every aspect. We ensure meeting all the right stakeholders, working hand in hand with them on the field, building depth in comprehending their needs and customizing our solutions, all the while planning the road map for efficient execution and success.

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